PSA: You Can Watch the Wizards Play Lebron James This Sunday for Super Cheap

Since this is a Wizards blog, it feels weird, almost wrong to get hyped up about the chance to see a player from an opposing team. It’s even worse when that team is an Eastern Conference foe, and almost unforgivable when that player is a notorious Wizards killer.

Still, Lebron James is arguably the best basketball player of all-time, watching him play in person should be near the top of any sports fans current bucket list, and this week you can catch him in action for the low.


The Wizards have two regular season tilts against the Cleveland Cavaliers this year, on November 3rd and December 17th. The average prices for on Stubhub for a ticket to those games is currently around $275 and $333, respectively, with the cheapest Lower Level seats going for $155 and $166 a ticket, respectively. Contrast that with the game this upcoming Sunday afternoon, for which the average ticket price is $69 and for which you can get a Lower Level seat for as low as $34.

Now I know the Sunday afternoon Wizards-Cavs matchup is only a preseason game, but this is still professional basketball and Lebron is still going to play in the game and show at least some effort. In fact, Lebron’s pre-season stats show that he tries pretty hard in exhibition games, at least while he’s on the court. Since the 2010-2011 season, Lebron has played in 31 preseason games and averaged 25 minutes, 16.6 points, 4.5 assists, and 4.4 rebounds. Basically, you’re getting 2/3 of full-capacity Lebron, but for 1/4 the price.

I saw Lebron in a preseason game back in 2011, when he was still playing for the Miami Heat. He didn’t stay in the game for much more than 25 minutes, but when he was in there he was slamming home alley-oops, throwing no-look cross-court passes, and doing all the other things that make him both immensely fun to watch and the most talented player of a generation. I remember leaving the arena and thinking it was crazy that I got to “witness” all that for so just a few bucks. This Sunday’s game is another opportunity to cash in on a similar deal. Even if you hate Lebron, even if you think he’ll never live up to Michael Jordan’s standard, even if the only thing you’d want to do if you saw him at a game is wave Crying Lebron signs at him, you still can’t deny that the chance to see him play for cheap this weekend is a steal.

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